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Child Imam – Miracle And Blessed Child – A Must See

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This kids both parents were christian and his native language is not arabic, he is only 4. He claims the words he is saying were tought to him in his dreams by a man dressed in white under a tree shade. When he is not preaching if u talk to him in arabic he doesn’t respond…by the way his parents and hundreds converted seeing him… Elhamdulilah. A blessed child showing men among men who Allah is. Allah bless him. We all wish we were like him. Muslims come in peace. May Allah take us all to Jannat. Ameen. Comments are more than WELCOME.

Sermon on Islam and the strangers by Muslim Saeed (مسلم سعيد) of Egypt. Date: 2005.

A video which will amaze you.Visit the websites below for proof of ALLAH. CFQKfYgoduD4vKQ torture-in-the-grave/

You want proof of ALLAH (swt), Here you go, and les/miracl10062002.html In Islam, you do not get forgiven by praying once to Jesus (peace be upon him). Your good deeds should outweight your bad sins. You would not go to Hell, if you believe in God, and Jesus (pbuh) to be prophet. He is not Gods son. He created Jesus just like he created Adam (pbuh). Therefore, we should only pray to God.We should donate, respect our parents, do Good deeds, etc. We are not all the same and we are peaceful. Please do not compare us with Osama Bin Laden. Peace Be Upon You All.

The way (Deen) of Islam (Complete system of life/Submitting to Allah’s will) is the best of ways, not named after anyone, thing or place. Submitting to Allah’s will (contained in the Quran and Sunnah) is becoming a Muslim (the one doing Islam) and can only be achieved without any force. Allah created us with the choice to submit or not to submit to him. Allah created the angels to submit without any choice and they still fall short of the worship Allah deserves.


Take this video and post it in your website.

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