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Professor McCarthy: Armenian genocide is British propaganda

Renown U.S. historian and expert on Ottoman affairs, Professor Justin McCarthy said allegations of Armenian genocide are British propaganda

Professor Justin McCarthy, speaking at a conference in London, said that a source known as the “Blue Book” chosen by Armenians to prove their claims of genocide is one of the products of British war propaganda bureau’s efforts of misinformation during first world war.

The Blue Book written by Viscount Bryce and Arnold Toynbee has been used as proof that Armenians and the victims of the Jewish Holocaust suffered the same fate in history. This book has been said to be a product of British intelligence designed to promote and promulgate lies during World War I. Britain had set up the war propaganda bureau at Wellington House for the sole purpose of promoting lies and misinformation on Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The British were in full co-operation with American missionaries in Anatolia and the American Embassy in Istanbul conjured a so called Armenian genocide based on gossip, hear-say and erroneous information.
The real purpose behind this exercise was to create and strengthen an image in the minds of British military officers that the Turk were evil, horrible and untrustworthy McCarthy adds.


All documents at the Wellington House where the British carried out their propaganda were destroyed when the war ended. One document that survived, however, was the Blue Book (it is documented that many more of these books were published and copied for other countries). This book is currently being used around the world as a legal document on the genocide.

The American historian and expert on Ottoman affairs was a recent speaker at the London School of Oriental and African Studies. He commented on a few of the stomach churning activities of the British during the first world war. He stated, When the war began, a secret propaganda unit was set up at Wellington House, London (on September 2, 1914). This units sole aim was to provide support for Britain, smear Britains enemies, obtain support for the British view through the use of Americans, and to keep British morale high during the war. This unit was headed by Charles Masterman a Liberal m.p. He was a close friend of Lloyd George. There also was an American intellectual named Viscount Bryce working in this bureau who had many influential friends in the U.S. Arnold Toynbee, young historian, meanwhile was one of Bryces close friends at the time.

At the end of the war all documents and records of work at the war propaganda bureau were destroyed, and its existence was only admitted in 1935. However, the sources of the propaganda bureau were discovered due to one records book surviving until present day. Publications prepared in this bureau and the existence of seven million documents which were very efficiently sent to the United States after the war were also exposed. Many famous authors of the time as Arnold Bennett and John Buchan were also employed by the Wellington House, where they published brochures, books and statements for the war effort.

Although Germany was the actual target of activities at Wellington House, the Ottoman Empire, having sided with Germany during the war received its fair share of false propaganda. No matter how sympathetic the British officers felt towards their Turkish compatriots, the image that Turkish officers were bad, evil and untrustworthy was strengthened by such slanderous data.

Work carried out by those at Wellington House on Ottomans involved many so called authors and writers whose existence could not be verified and thus, the information remains unconfirmed. For example, there was apparently a Syrian member of the Ottoman Committee of Union and Progress Party, named Faiz whose memoirs are mentioned in publications of the Wellington House. This persons existence is totally make-belief and his statements on Talat Pasha, a complete fallacy since he never existed. Wellington House also proves the close co-operation which existed between them and the American diplomats and missionaries based in Turkey during that time. Since it is documented that these groups were close to the Armenians in Turkey, their so called information from Turkey is a total fabrication.

Public law and order was severely disrupted as a result of Armenians revolting against Ottoman authority in eastern Anatolia, which led Bryce and Toynbee to concoct material to document alleged atrocities committed by Ottomans. Lloyd George asked to collect these documents in the Blue Book. This document was later submitted to the British parliament and has since been used as a classic documentation by radical nationalist Armenian groups.

It is thought that Toynbee believed in the authenticity and truthfulness of material received from American missionaries in Anatolia. However, he also added some spice to these imaginary stories, since it was his country that was at war with Turkey and he thought it would be right to lie in his reports. As was proved in his late career, Toynbee was indeed an avid Turk hater, but was too far away from the events of eastern Turkey in 1916 to document anything.
It is easy to see far away from such events Armenians living in Turkey were and in looking at Toynbees data. Toynbee also seems to have exaggerated their relıabılıty for they turned and fought against their former protector for promises made by outsiders. For example so many anecdotes mentioned by western observers are not by western travelers but by a local Armenians travelling only short distances. One tenth of the anecdotes do not even have a source of any kind. Other sources are generally hearsay and have no witnesses who can attest to the so called crimes.

All propaganda against Germany by Wellington House has been forgotten, yet unfortunately Bryce – Toynbee documents have been recognized as true in Britain and U.S. These documents have always been used by radical militant Armenians to pursue their goals. There is no information at hand about whether Turkey has shown any reactions against the impact of these documents. The mentioned Blue Book has been published more then once. Ara Sarafian who is to publish the book for the third time does not mention the fact that the books contents were prepared at Wellington House and that its sources are untrustworthy. Thus, propaganda carried out by the British during World War I continues to spread its venom against all Turkish people living around the world.

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