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Wp deki Bu haftaki en populer iletiler…

Senator Hillary Clinton, D-New York.

CHICAGO (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton refused Saturday to forsake campaign donations from lobbyists, turning aside challenges from her two main rivals with a rare defense of the special interest industry.

“A lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans, they actually do,” Clinton said, drawing boos and hisses from liberal bloggers at the second Yearly Kos convention.

Despite their own infatuations with special interest money, former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama put Clinton on the spot during a debate that featured seven of the eight major Democratic presidential candidates. They fielded questions from a crowd of 1,500 bloggers, most of them liberal. The gathering marked another advancement for the rising new wing of the Democratic Party, the so-called netroots.

The candidates were put on the defensive from the start.

The first question went to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who was asked why he once cited Justice Byron White, a conservative, as a model Supreme Court justice. “I screwed up on that,” he replied.

Clinton was asked what three lessons she learned from her failed health care reform effort during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton. “It is not enough to have a plan. You’ve got to have a political strategy,” the New York senator said.

“In 90 seconds, I don’t have the time to tell you all the mistakes I made.”

Edwards received a loud cheer when he suggested his rivals were tinkering around the edges — “I just heard some discussion about negotiation, compromise” — rather than overhauling government. He said the nation needs “big change, not small change.”

The party’s 2004 vice presidential nominee, Edwards called on the field to join him in refusing donations from Washington lobbyists. He suggested that accepting lobbyists’ money would make Democrats no better than Republicans.

“We don’t want to trade their insiders for ours,” said the former North Carolina senator.

Clinton, who accepts such donations, did not respond to Edwards until much later in the forum when the question was put to her. Even then, she stalled by stating the obvious.

“I think it’s a position that John certainly has taken,” she said, drawing laughter from the crowd. It was not clear whether the audience was laughing with her or at her.

Nonetheless, the bloggers booed and hissed when Clinton insisted a moment later that nobody would believe that she could be influenced by lobbyists’ money. So would she continue to accept those donations?

“Yes, I will,” she said, arguing that plenty of lobbyists represent good causes. “They represent nurses, they represent social workers, they represent, yes, they represent corporations that employ a lot of people.”

Obama rejected that argument, saying Clinton should know better because special interest money helped sink her health care package in 1993. The crowd cheered wildly.

Edwards asked crowd members how many of them were represented by lobbyists. A few hands went up, and his point was made.

While they don’t accept money directly from federal lobbyists, Edwards and Obama are not above benefiting from the broader lobbying community. Both accept money from firms that have lobbying operations, and Obama in particular has tapped the networks of
lobbyists’ friends and co-workers. Obama, a former state senator from Illinois, has long accepted money from state lobbyists.

Again and again, Edwards took swipes at Clinton. On terrorism, he said: “I don’t believe we’re safer. I don’t agree with Sen. Clinton on that.” In a previous debate, Clinton had said the country had been made safer.

Clinton explained Saturday that while post-9/11 reforms have improved the nation’s safety, the country is not as safe under President Bush as it should be. “I listened carefully to John. I think we have a vigorous agreement,” she said, coldly.

The Kos convention is a sign of the times.

Gone are the days when candidates and political parties could talk to passive voters through mass media, largely controlling what messages were distributed, how the messages went out and who heard them. The Internet has helped create millions of media outlets and
given anyone the power to express an opinion or disseminate information in a global forum, and connect with others who have similar interests.

Clinton is viewed skeptically by the the blogging community, mainly for her history of hawkish views on Iraq. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of Daily Kos and spiritual leader of the convention, said Clinton still might be able to mitigate her problems.

“We may decide she’s not our first choice, but she’s not a bad choice,” he said.

30 montajes fotográficos espectaculares

A pesar de la pesadez que puede suponer el juntar tantas fotografías en un mismo post, creo que merece la pena ver estos 30 montajes fotográficos de golpe.

Y sobran los comentarios, claro, porque la mayor parte de ellos, incluyendo algunos que están en clave de humor, ya aportan un mensaje muy claro y contundente.

Si alguien dispone de información sobre la autoría de estas fotografías, me suena que son de campañas publicitarias, le rogaría me la facilitase a fin de referenciarla en el post.

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Romney supporters spamming polls

August 3rd, 2007

Here’s the evidence:


Where’re the Ron Paul spammers?

UPDATE: The poll is rigged. The admin of the site has no problem admitting their fraudulent practices:

The poll was tuned to accurately reflect Mr. Paul’s performance in every national poll out there…. the measly 1-2% which is all he’ll ever get.

Diebold will do the same “tuning” for the real election, I am quite sure.

Teh new impruved cat wih reactive armor

August 4th, 2007 by cheezburger |

772 votes

Teh new impruved cat wih reactive armor Me be testing reactive armor now

Me be testing reactive armor now

submitted by: panzer

Will This Be Curbs’ Starting Eleven?

I suspect the arrivals and departures at Upton Park haven’t quite finished yet. It looks as though the Nicky Shorey move is being revived and I would still bet money that Kieron Dyer will be here by the end of the week, with the Newcastle chairman having a bit of egg on his face. So, what do we think Alan Curbishley’s strongest Eleven is – and which team will he start with against Manchester City next Saturday. Here’s my guess…

Robert Green
George McCartney/Nicky Shorey
Matthew Upson
Anton Ferdinand
Lucas Neill
Mark Noble
Scott Parker (if fit) or Lee Bowyer
Freddie Ljuneberg
Luis Boa Morte
Dean Ashton
Craig Bellamy

Richard Wright
James Collins
Danny Gabbidon
Matthew Etherington
Bobby Zamora

What do you reckon?

(Readings) Chinese least impressed with Pak Lah August 5, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Race Relations, Note2Self, Democracy, Readings, Politics, Current Affairs. trackback

For those without access to Malaysiakini – an interesting poll which some of us looked at yesterday… and groaned.

So, before you break out the champagne or light fireworks, please analyse the voting demographics of each constituency, esp. those who harbour Parliamentarian dreams. Also bear in mind, there are always BN-block votes in each constituency.

Too much emphasis had been put on an earlier poll, which also also indicated the so-called ‘Chinese-swing” votes. This is exactly why the “Chinese”-component parties of BN have been asking for a later date for General Elections, but Umno has decided that setting aside their concerns will still give them the majority of seats in Parliament.

Those with 70% or more of Chinese voters will do well, but not the rest. This also means that Opposition parties who hold these coveted seats will allocate them to their Chosen Ones. The rest will have to fight it out as hard as, if not harder, like during 2004.

Opposition MPs-wanna-be’s have to do so much more work.


Chinese least impressed with Pak Lah
Bede Hong,, 04 August 2007

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi still enjoys popular support despite public disgruntlement over the country’s sluggish economy, according to a survey conducted by the Merdeka Center.

However, although the premier receives a pat on the back from the general population [See graph here], the Chinese are less than impressed with his performance.

Abdullah’s approval rating remains high, with 86 percent of Malay Malaysians, 71 percent of Indian Malaysians while only 54 percent the Chinese Malaysians supporting the administration. [See chart here]

In the survey carried out through phone interviews involving 1,022 respondents throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Abdullah on average enjoys 71 percent support. Only 21 percent of respondents disapproved.

The poll which include a random selection of respondents aged 21 and above from all states was done over one week between June 14-20.

According to Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian, the public’s approval of Abdullah is expected to hover at approximately 70 percent, with Malays and Indians largely supportive of his administration. The Chinese however perceive the prime minister as “sub-par”, he said.

“And the announcement of salary increment for civil servants and the prime minister’s marriage (to Jeanne Abdullah) did not bring about a higher approval rating as claimed by the media,” said Ibrahim at a talk organised by University of Malaya faculty of economics and administration and Transparency International Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur last night.

The survey was to gauge voter sentiments on a variety of national issues.

He said the Chinese “once again showed higher expectations” for political leaders as compared to the Malays and Indians.

Election promises not kept

Overall, the Chinese have a lower approval for Abdullah’s performance as prime minister, he said.

“The majority of the Chinese think Abdullah did not keep most of his election promises. They’re less confident with the government’s ability in fulfilling the people’s aspirations,” he said.

“More Chinese also think that the problem of the sluggish Malaysian economy can be addressed by having more opposition leaders in Parliament,” he added.

Abdullah’s approval rating has dropped from 91 percent in November 2004 to 73 percent in June this year, according to the survey.

Abdullah’s two major plummets in his approval were in March 2006 (68 percent) when the oil price hike was announced and in September 2006 (63 percent) and when former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad stepped up his criticisms of the prime minister.

His approval rating climbed to 70 the following month and 72 percent in November when Umno held its annual general assembly. It was also during this time when Mahathir was hospitalised from a heart attack.

“The assembly won a lot of support from the grassroots. It also consolidated Umno and Abdullah’s leadership,” said Ibrahim.

Although the premier’s approval rating is high, only 8 percent of the Chinese felt Abdullah kept his 2004 election pledges to fight corruption and to improve the public service’s delivery system, compared to the Malays (57 percent) and Indians (37 percent).

On a question regarding the country’s situation, 58 percent felt that status quo should remain, while 33 percent said the country needs more opposition leaders.

Seventy-three percent of Malays felt “Malaysia is lagging behind other countries in economic terms but the programmes and current efforts by the government will help the country catch up.” Thirty-eight percent of the Chinese and 47 percent of Indians felt the same.

In comparison, 45 percent of Indians, 44 percent of the Chinese and 24 percent of Malays felt that “the problems of the sluggish Malaysian economy can be addressed if there were more leaders from the opposition.”

Asked if they were satisfied with the ability of the government to meet the aspirations of the people, 33 percent of Chinese said they were, compared to the Malays (76 percent) and Indians (63 percent).

Asked if the country needs a stronger opposition, 82 percent of the Chinese agreed, compared to the Malays (62 percent) and Indians (74 percent).

“The Chinese are more in favour of having a stronger opposition and their desire increases steadily. However, such desires do not translate necessarily translate into votes for a particular party,” said Ibrahim.

According to the survey, PAS remains accepted by the Malays but retains minimal Chinese support. Increase in Chinese acceptance is more a sign of dissatisfaction with the ruling government.

DAP gets most Chinese support

On voter’s likelihood to vote for PAS, only 30 percent of Malays said they are willing to vote for the party. Twenty-three percent of the Chinese and 27 percent of the Indians felt the same.

PKR seemed more acceptable by the Chinese and Indians despite being labelled a Malay party, while DAP remains popular among the Chinese but has hardly made any inroads into the Malay communities, said Ibrahim.

Forty-two percent of the Chinese said they are willing to vote for PKR, compared to the Malays (25 percent) and Indians (26 percent).

For DAP, 62 percent of the Chinese said they are willing to vote for the party, while only 8 percent of Malays felt the same. Thirty-three percent of Indians said they are willing to vote DAP.

Meanwhile, a separate survey on Kelantanese respondents revealed that 90 percent are concerned with social issues affecting youths. The national average is 61 percent.

On the support of Kelantanese to the PAS-led state government, Ibrahim said: “The perceptions of the economy is actually positive, much more positive than in Terengganu. One serious problem there is the lack of jobs. There aren’t enough jobs to go around. But in terms of perceptions of the state government, it has actually improved,” he said.

He said the state government-run insurance programmes and schemes for the lower income group have influenced support for the opposition party.

Scarlet Letter Campaign Update: A Victory!

My friends, just 48 hours after I first suggested atheists and their products be clearly identified by a scarlet letter “A”, we have our first victory!
Pharyngula is a blog run by a science professor named P.Z Myers. Not only does Mr Myers believe in the fantasy of evilution, but every year he milks thousands and thousands of dollars out of the education system to indoctrinate children into his hateful cult. Like most liberal educators at America’s secular colleges, Myers lives a life of luxury at taxpayers’ expense—taking long vacations with his trophy wife, driving expensive foreign cars, dressing his children in exclusive fashions—all the while promoting his vengeful and deceitful ideology.

We at Baptists For Brownback, eager to test the “A” for atheism approach for the first time, were looking for a suitable target, and what better target than Pharyngula? As one of the most popular anti-Christian hate sites on the Internet, many innocent victims accidentally stumble upon it every day, and are exposed to the rubbish published there. In my capacity as a pastor and youth counselor, I have had to repeatedly deal with the spiritual fallout from such shameful episodes.

Hopefully, tragic mishaps like that will soon be history. After two days of intensive lobbying by Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett, Lynelle Bryant and myself, the “Science Blogs” community, which hosts Pharyngula, has agreed to place a scarlet “A” on the left-hand sidebar of the blog. From today, any Christian who inadvertently comes across this filth page will immediately know it is not a suitable place in which to dwell.

This is only a small, initial step, but it is a significant one. We have seen what righteous anger and forceful advocacy can achieve, and are working to insure that soon, very soon, every Christian will know their enemies by the badge they wear. Praise!

Yours in Christ,

Tobin Maker, Resident Pastor, Baptists for Brownback 2008

Ajax 0-1 Arsenal – 04/08/07 – (Friendly) 5 August, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Friendlies. trackback


Two pre-season competitions and two trophies; surely the perfect start to a campaign? Fair enough these are only pre-season friendlies but if you saw last night’s game it was the perfect test going into the season. The game was played with the competitiveness, passion and caution of a Champions League game. Seriously, if you’d not of know it was the Amsterdam Tournament you would’ve thought it was a European fixture. Both teams had strong teams out and both teams needed to score to have a chance to take the cup; we needed to win and a score-draw or win for Ajax would’ve been enough for them.

It was also an extremely physical game. Tackles were flying in all over the place and there were a few squaring ups. If this were a proper game there would’ve been a few red cards I reckon and even though the referee was absolutely terrible he managed to keep the red card in his pocket.

We started with what looks like our strongest team; Gilberto is still on holiday and Fabregas was ill so Flamini and Denilson came in at centre midfield. It was the best team Wenger had available which showed how seriously he was taking this.

We started very brightly and we by far the better team of the first half. The closest we came to scoring was in the 19th minute when Van Persie floated in a beautiful ball for Toure who got a foot on it from very close range but it was straight at the ‘keeper and it was a great save. Van Persie looked on great form and he was really getting stuck into this game. At half time it was 0-0, Athletico hoped the score would stay this way and the cup would be theirs but it did look like a goal was coming it looked like Arsenal were the more likely to get it.

Clichy was also having a fantastic game. He shot from the left and the keeper saved well but the replay showed it was going just wide anyway. It was a game of many chances, Lehmann and Stekelenburg made some great saves to keep their sides in it. In the 80th minute it looked like substitute Eduardo could get the winner. Da Silva came on for Rosicky in the 62nd minute, Tomas looked fairly quiet last night and never really seemed to get involved, he didn’t have a bad game but wasn’t one of his best. Anyway, Eduardo muscled his way through on goal, staying up from some tight Ajax defending; he probably would’ve won a penalty if he’d gone down but he was desperate to get a shot away and stayed on his feet. His shot was saved and Van Persie missed the follow-up.


The goal eventually came 3 minutes from time and you just knew it’d be Robin Van Persie. All the credit must go to Gael Clichy. He’d been running up and down the left side for 83 minutes but somehow found the energy to go on a great run through the tired Ajax players. He cut inside between two defenders and squared to RVP. Robin took a touch and managed to squeeze the ball inside the post.

I’ve never celebrated a pre-season goal so much, it was quite embarrassing. That goal meant we took the cup and it was looking very promising for the new season. Robin was fouled from behind in the last minute and was carried ff on a stretcher. It wasn’t looking good for our no.1 striker but he was out celebrating with the trophy later on so it looks like it’s going to be alright.

In Wenger’s post-match interview he said that our squad looks big enough but is still browsing the transfer market. He also let slip that he’s in contract talks but says he’ll let us know at the right time the news on his future.

In all, a good night for Arsenal. Next it’s Fulham at home in the Premiership opener. Thanks for reading.

Physically it was a tough game. What you can see is the spirit is strong in the team and that everybody works for each other. That is very positive

And there endeth today’s lesson. For those who felt that this side lacked the ability to mix it, they were answered in Amsterdam. Tempting though it would be to add the word ‘emphatically’, I think that would be stretching the point somewhat. However, the players on the pitch showed they will not easily be cowed, giving us hope that this can be transferred to a wet night in November where Arsenal teams in the past have failed to deliver.

A solid performance with both sides giving as good as they got. The team was selected to give more protection to the defence in the midfield but keeping the attacking threat, similar to the one that won at Old Trafford ten months ago. There were tangible improvements in defence, Toure and Gallas were much improved as a pairing. Not as imperious as you hope they will be in the season but getting there if they maintain the performance levels.

And the goal itself highlighted everything good and bad about the team. Bad? Why were Ajax allowed to travel so far with the ball without a challenge going in? Good? Denilson’s confident flick to relieve Ajax of the ball in the area; Gallas, Hleb and Clichy’s one touch football to set the latter off on a full pitch length sprint and Clichy keeping his head to tee-up RvP for a poachers finish. It would have been marvelled at if this were in the Premiership, for the final pre-season game, it was impressive stuff from the full back to have that much energy. Overall, it was an encouraging performance for the last pre-season game and a positive way to prepare the coming matches.

A pity about RvP’s knock at the end of the game although he bounded across the pitch afterwards like Bambi in a meadow afterwards so hopefully it is nothing too serious. His tongue has been sharp this weekend though in The News Of The World. Freddie cops it,

If you play nine years at a Club like Arsenal you can say some nice words. If you’re coming up with excuses about Thierry’s departure and about promises from the club it’s a bit weak. I was disappointed and I know a few others were as well. He had a fantastic period, he was once the best player in England, so come on be adult and say some nice things for this club, which is fantastic.

On AW’s contract,

It’s important that Arsene is here long term and signs a new Contract…Everyone will be a bit surprised if he left

AW himself was mischievious last night on TV, eh? Just about managing to confirm a contract negotiation before possibly disappearing off into convulsions of laughter at the discomfort of the Sky Reporter who had obviously been told to ask ‘the’ question.

The Sunday Mirror reckon we are one of ten clubs after Franco di Santo, an 18 year old Argentine forward, the best thing since sliced bread apparently. A one year loan deal followed by a £10m transfer is the asking price.

Not much else in the papers I’ve seen this morning other than their pre-season previews so ’til Tomorrow.

Compiz 0.5.2 [repo] + Fusion logo contest 5 Agosto 2007 @ 14:11

Posted by felipe in Comunità, News e altre Sciccherie, Compiz, Estetica. trackback Potrebbe anche passare inosservato, ma questo aggiornamento di Compiz è importante per tanti piccoli motivi, che insieme si dirigono verso l’integrazione con i nostri sistemi.

Core, Fusion, Decorator, Settings. Il mio “set” preferito si rifà al logo ufficiale di Compiz

Inoltre, come suggerito dall’immagine qui sopra, c’è pure la notizia di questo indubbiamente utilissimo et critico coinvolgimento della comunità per decidere della importantissima questione del logo (sì, sono sarcastico).

Compiz 0.5.2

Prima di tutto i cambiamenti apportati a Compiz da David Reveman e il suo team:

* Better support for multiple X-screens.
* XML-based meta-data system for handling of various kinds
  for meta-data like plugin descriptions, default option
  values, etc.
* Major improvements to option initialization based on the
  new meta-data system.
* Logging framework.
* Support for configurable button layout in metacity themes
  has been added to gtk-window-decorator.
* Glib plugin that allows plugins that use the glib main
  loop to integrate properly with the compiz main loop
  without waking up periodically to check for pending

* Plugin plugins that make it possible to adjust and extend
  the behavior of existing plugins through new plugins.

* More dynamic handling of output devices, which allows the
  output device configuration used when rendering to be
  changed between frames.

* Transparency support in cube plugin.

* Introspection support in dbus plugin

Grassetto mio, per segnalare i cambiamenti che mi attraggono maggiormente. Tra tutti mi piacciono il quarto punto, ossia maggiore integrazione con Metacity (posizione dei pulsanti configurabile), il quinto e soprattutto il sesto, che permette di poter attivare plugin non solo sul core di Compiz, ma anche ad altri plugin.

Questo punto merita più attenzione, perché è grazie ad esso che si può configurare una reale integrazione tra Compiz e il progetto Fusion. Adesso ogni plugin può essere “corretto” da un altro plugin che cambia o agginge funzionalità rispetto all’originale, per così dire. Un esempio potrebbe essere lo switcher, che già adesso è controllato da due plugin: “Switcher” proveniente da Compiz Core, e “Switcher Addons”, proveniente da Compiz Fusion, che aggiunge qualche funzionalità. Bello, no? 🙂

Oltre a questo ci sono varie novità e piccoli effettini più o meno simpatici e più o meno godibili. Molti degli effetti più giocosi e sperimentali provengono al solito da Compiz Fusion, e quelli dovrete abilitarli esplicitamente “secondo coscienza” (io non li uso, ad esempio). Se volete installare il tutto potete seguire la guida “Ubuntu Feisty + Compiz Fusion” che resta sempre valida, oppure “Fedora 7 + Compiz Fusion“, oppure ancora “Impacchettare Compiz Fusion GIT con MakeFusionDebs“, per i più temerari 😉

Fusion logo contest

Per chi di voi è più incline ai telequiz, spacchettamento di pacchi e quel genere di cose, sappiate che c’è in atto un contest per decidere il futuro logo di Compiz Fusion. Al momento il più votato è stupidamente questo.

Il set attualmente favorito. Semplicemente inutile capirne la ragione

Perché “stupidamente”? Semplice, perché non capisco il motivo di cercare di creare un logo a partire da idee differenti da quello ufficiale di Compiz, e soprattutto il motivo di addirittura creare un logo sostitutivo per Compiz Core. Per essere chiari, a me non piaceva il logo che è stato scelto per Compiz, ma ormai è ufficiale e non capisco perché dovremmo mai cambiarlo dopo così poco tempo.

Come dire, se volessi fare un esempio per la vita reale: creiamo un logo per il nostro gruppo di “Appassionati della Fiat 500” ma – già che ci siamo – creiamo pure un nuovo logo per la Fiat e da adesso imponiamolo ai soci, giusto per fare confusione :/

Beh, ad ogni modo, qui c’è il contest, ovviamente il logo con il design più “normale” sta perdendo -.-

Misterio sin resolver: Aparece un bebé momificado en una vivienda canadiense


La Policía canadiense intenta resolver un misterio que tuvo su origen hace más de 80 años. El caso ha salido a la luz después de que un obrero descubriese los restos momificados de un bebé en una vivienda de Toronto en cuya reforma trabajaba.

El pasado martes, Bob Kinghorn estaba trabajando en la casa, ubicada en la avenida Kintyre y en uno de los barrios más antiguos de Toronto, cuando encontró un pequeño paquete emparedado en el suelo del ático por el que se deslizaban unos cables eléctricos.

El envoltorio estaba formado por una cubierta de vinilo. Preso de curiosidad, Kinghorn utilizó un cuchillo para abrir el paquete y tras atravesar la primera capa se encontró con las páginas de un periódico con fecha del 15 de septiembre de 1925. En su interior, Kinghorn descubrió los restos momificados de un bebé.

Ayer, la oficina forense de Ontario señaló que los restos pertenecían a un recién nacido, varón. “No se sabe si el pequeño nació vivo o muerto. No había señales de enfermedad congénita y no hay señales de traumatismos. No se sabe exactamente la edad de los restos”.

El subdirector forense de Ontario, el doctor Jim Cairns, añadió que “no hay lesiones, ni marcas de apuñalamiento y la mayor parte de los órganos internos pudieron ser examinados”. El forense añadió un nuevo detalle. La página en la que estaba envuelto el bebé contenía una información sobre una mujer que había envenenado a su hijo de seis años y posteriormente se había suicidado tomando estricnina.
Cairns dijo que, a pesar de que no se puede saber con exactitud cuando murió el bebé, la fecha del periódico es la mejor de las pistas para desvelar el misterio.

Ahora la policía está buscando a los parientes de la pareja que ocupaba la casa en la posible fecha de la muerte del bebé. El matrimonio formado por Wesley y Della Russell, ambos fallecidos sin dejar descendencia, compraron la casa en 1919 y fue vendida en 1941. Wesley Russell murió en 1939 mientras su esposa se encontraba ingresada en un hospital psiquiátrico.

La policía de Toronto intenta encontrar algunos parientes del matrimonio para comparar su ADN con el del bebé, lo cual constituye de momento la única posibilidad de encontrar de forma científica para tratar de solucionar el caso.

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