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Boycott Israel


AOL Time Warner Apax Partners & Co Ltd
Coca-Cola Danone
Delta Galil Disney
Estée Lauder IBM
Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark
Lewis Trust Group Ltd L’Oreal
Marks & Spencer Nestle
News Corporation Nokia
Revlon Sara Lee
Selfridges The Limited Inc
Home Depot Intel
Starbucks Timberland
McDonald’s Arsenal FC

The companies can also be viewed listed by their brands & labels:

View by Brand- brands and labels to boycott

If you have additional information regarding guilty companies please email us this information with source references to or use the comments box below.



Campaign Against Arsenal Football Club Support For Apartheid Israel
Campaign Against Oxfam-Starbucks Partnership
Letter Writing Campaign
Selfridges Letter Campaign
Sara Lee Letter Campaign


Events Calendar – see whats happening around you – demos, seminars and other relevant events – regularly updated.
A to Z of Picketing – A guide to what you need to know about organising and sustaining pickets, legal considerations as well as details about existing pickets and how to join them.
Picket Diary – Activists share their experiences on the picket lines at M&S – Read their Diary – be inspired in to action! Updated every week.
Cultural Boycott of Israel – Includes information on upcoming cultural events featuring israeli participation – target details with sample letters, etc
Sports Boycott of Israel – Includes information on upcoming sports fixtures featuring israeli participation – target details with sample letters, etc


BOYCOTT ISRAEL BROCHUREHandy Brochure with Boycott List

A5 flyer with eye-catching cover and on the back information on Estee Lauder, Marks & Spencer and Timberland
BOYCOTT ISRAEL POSTERSCreate your own placards for the next demonstration! Several designs to choose from, they print across 6 pages to form a poster 57cm x 60cm – ideal for an A1 or 20″x30″ placard.
BOYCOTT ISRAEL e-CARDSSix “Boycott Israel” e-cards are now available at the Islamic Card Centre. One of them contains a good summary of what to boycott, whist the others target Estée Lauder, Sara Lee and Johnson & Johnson, and a couple with generic designs.


News articles relating to the boycott of Israel
This extensive archive has articles from media around the world, arranged in category and chronological order. Have a look to see how widespread the boycott is and the universal momentum its gathering in all its forms. The archive is regularly updated.

Academic BoycottAcademic Boycott Arms BoycottArms Boycott
Cultural BoycottCultural Boycott Campus NewsCampus News
General NewsEconomic Boycott – Europe Economic NewsEuro News
Economic BoycottEconomic Boycott-World Campus NewsHoax News
Economic NewsEconomy & Trade News General NewsOther News
Sports Boycott Sports Boycott Media BiasMedia Bias
Tourism BoycottTourism Boycott Zionist LobbyZionist Lobby
Boycott BreakersIsrael Supporters – Boycott Targets

[ View News In Chronological Order ]



Tom DeLay: A call to violence
Book Defending Palestinian Right To Resist Banned After Zionist Pressure
Coca Cola & Pepsi “Toxic” in India
Palestinian olive trees sold to rich Israelis
Children being targeted in Gaza
Mandela Slams U.S. Iraq Policy During Irish Visit
Table Tennis Player Becomes Celebrity After Refusing to Face Israeli
Israel prevents Palestinian athlete attending Special Olympics – Arabs boycott Israeli team
Desmond Tutu: Of Occupation and Apartheid – Do I Divest?
Dublin Labour MEP’s call for conditional ban on EU/Israel projects
Irish Hotel Boycotts Israeli Tourists
Israel’s Two-Tiered Citizenship Law Bars Non-Jews From 93 Percent of Its Lands
Israel’s Latest Lie About the Church of the Nativity
McKinney’s Defeat: Undue Meddling
Just How Much Does The New York Times Tilt Towards Israel?
Israel imposes ‘racist’ marriage law
Daimler Chrysler guilty of race bias against Palestinian refugee
Blair tells Bush: We don’t want Guantanamo Britons
Political prostitutes seeking approval from Israel
USA pressures Europe into including Hamas in terrorism list
Israeli Embassy feels isolated
Hamas a principled defender of Palestine
Over 45 Human Rights Activists From 12 Countries Detained By IDF
PA Helping Zionist Occupiers
Politician Profile: Howard Dean Supports Isreali Violence
Washington to earmark $billion to isolate Hamas
North Kansas City company persecuted for boycott of Israel
Divestment Campaign On Campuses Growing
Coca-Cola boycott launched after killings at Colombian plants
The Israeli who defends suicide bombers


Select one of these banners for your web page
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Where Is My Father?

  She was three months old when her father, Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid was abducted from their home in South Lebanon by Israeli commandos. Fourteen years later Mujahidah still waits, hoping that her father will come home…

Join the Campaign to Free Sheikh Adbel Karim Obeid


Al-Quds Day 2003 [London, November 23 2003]Photo report of the annual Al-Quds Day march. Includes 13min video of event.


Dima Tahboub, wife of al-Jezeera journalist Tareq Ayyoub murdered by american army

Sophie & Billy Hurndall (sister & brother of Tom), Omayma Al-Khaffaf (FOSIS), Stewart Hemsley (Pax Christi), Ken Loach (film maker), Ismail Patel (Friends of Al-Aqsa), Betty Hunter (PSC), Husam Zumlot


(Palestinian delegate), Azzam Tamimi (MAB), Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London), Tony Benn, George Galloway (MP).

Sophie Hurndall, sister of Tom Hurndall - shot by Israeli soldiers
Sophie Hurndall sister of British photographer Tom Hurndall, shot in the head by the Israeli army whilst rescuing Palestinian children Stevenson (actor), Afif Safieh (Palestinian Delegate), Josie Sandercock (ISM), Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Caroline Lucas (MEP), Abe Hayeem (Just Peace UK), Dr Mustafa Barghouti (Health Centre, Ramallah), Rev. Dr. Michael Prior (Christian Priest), Anita Halpin (NUJ), Azzam Tamimi (MAB), Ken Cameron (TU Friends Of Palestine), Marwan Bishara (American Uni Paris), Ismail Patel (Friends of Al-Aqsa), Richard Kuper (jfjfp), Tony Benn, Daoud Abdullah (PRC), Corin Redgrave (actor).

Special features include: Apartheid Wall, Goya’s Sharon Devouring Palestine, Voice Of The People and Lord Levy. The annual Al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) rally in the UK. See our photo report and listen to the speakers. Special features: Quds Day worldwide, Sheikh Nasrallah’s speech on Quds Day, interview with mother of Shaheed Muhammad Al-Durra who just gave birth on 19th Ramadhan. Quds Day Rally 2001 London – see our Photo report, listen to the speakers including anti-zionist Rabbis. Quds Day Rally 2000 London ( Quds Day Notice )


If you wish to be kept informed then subscribe to our newsletter. Whilst the boycott has dominated recent issues and is always featured, the newsletter is not confined solely to this campaign. We aim to publish one newsletter every two months, but so far we have fallen short of our target. At the last issue we had a circulation of 19,274.

See Last Issue (Sept)

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Full list of Jubilee Award Winners (companies that received special awards from Israel at its 50th anniversary celebration)
US Companies with Investments in Israel
Products List from Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories
List of Israeli Companies in the UK
Big Campaign Boycott List (PDF) – Although not updated since June 2001, its still a very informative document from PSCs BIG campaign.


The misinformation and lies the zionists disseminate is truly all engulfing. This section aims to redress this by providing well researched articles that shatter the zionist lies. Please read them, share them and most importantly use them against the zionist propagandists. If people out there dont know the truth how can they support our cause?

Case Study Of Pro-Israel Bias: Children’s BBC WebsiteBBC’s childrens website CBBC has “ready to use lessons-plans” on the middle-east conflict for teachers to print out and use in the classroom, the traget audience being 11-14 year olds. We dissect each lesson page by page to reveal their pro-Israel bias.We suggest this case study of pro-Israel bias in a leading “educational” website be used to form the basis of a lesson on media bias to be taught at schools, and Madressa’s, and by parents to their children at home. The best way to teach your children about the pro-zionist bias around them is to show them an example, one which they can understand and relate to because it targets them.
Khiam Prison – Israels Torture DenKhiam prison was a detention and interrogation camp during the years of the Israeli occupation in Southern Lebanon. From 1985 until the Israeli defeat in May 2000, thousands of Lebanese men, women and even children were held in Khiam without trial. Most were brutally tortured – some died. The photo-article is quiet graphic at times but it must be read.Ali Kashmar was imprisoned for 10 yrs, starting as a child aged 14:

“It’s really hard to summarise all that period [of imprisonment] in seconds. But I tell you something – when you die you die in a second but in that prison you died a hundred times every day.”

It is important to understand what happened at Khiam as it is the only Israeli torture den that has been liberated, from seeing what went on there we can understand what goes on in the countless other “detention and interrogation” centres that we do not have access to. Next time you hear of a Palestinian being held in detention think of Khiam.

The Jews of Iraq by Naeim Giladi
After the Palestinians were uprooted from their land, foreign Jews came to populate the confiscated land. Among then, came over half a million Jews from Islamic lands. Zionist propagandists claim that Israel “rescued” these Jews from their anti-Jewish Muslim neighbours. One of those “rescued” Jews-Naeim Giladi-knows otherwise. He describes how the zionists terrorized the Jews in Muslim lands in to emigrating to Israel.In his own words:

“I write this article to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews…”

This article shatters the zionist lie that Jews were evicted from Muslim lands because of anti-semitism and provides evidence that the zionists were happy to “manufacture” anti-semitism to the extent of murdering fellow Jews in order to further the interests of the zionist state.


Eye-Witness To Sabra-Shatila Massacre

A moving eye-witness account of the massacres of Sabra-Shatila by Dr Ang Swee Chai.

“The slaughter of unarmed children, women, the aged and the infirm was shocking. For me, I was doubly outraged that I had to discover the truth about a brave and generous people only through their deaths. Until then, I never knew Palestinian refugees existed. As a fundamentalist Christian, I had been a supporter of Israel, hated Arabs and saw the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as terrorists to be loathed and feared.”

Palestine: History & Our Responsibility

A Ramadhan lecture on the history of Palestine and what our responsibility as Muslims is. Concise history of Palestine in 10 minutes!

Jews Against Zionism
Inaugural meeting. Listen to three great speakers and the discussion that followed:

Lenni Brenner – is an expert on the suppressed history of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis. He is the author of “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators” and “51 Documents – Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis”.

Prof. Haim Bresheeth – a film maker, author and anti-zionist activist

Alice Coy – an activist with the International Solidarity Movement, was with Rachel Corrie when she was killed and with Tom Hurndall when he was shot. She was recently deported after spending 4 months in Gaza.


Interview – Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss is the spokesperson for the Neturei Karta International – Jews against Zionism.

We asked him about their opposition to zionism, their rejection of a two-state solution and their wish for the dismantlement of the zionist state. And on how Muslims and anti-zionist Jews can best work together to defeat zionism.


“Zionism is a rebellion
against God”

How to Campaign for Human Rights
An IHRC workshop for students on campaigning for Human Rights. Palestine formed the special case study for international campaigning.


Interview – Imam Achmad Cassiem
A veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, he was imprisoned on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela.

We asked him about Palestine. His insights based on his experience of the anti-apartheid struggle and its eventual capitulation with the apartheid regime, are very revealing and need to be studied by all Muslims, especially Palestinians.


Palestine – An Islamic Approach
A lecture by Imam Al-Asi. We have witnessed the failure of un-Islamic approaches to the issue of Palestine from Camp David to Oslo, from pan-arabism to the PA. Now listen to an Islamic approach to the issue of Palestine – a very thought provoking lecture which reflects on where we are and where we need to be and how to get there and what will happen if we don’t. A must for every Muslim.


Pro-Israel Lobby – A Lobby to Reckon With
An interesting radio programme (BBC) about the alliance that has formed in America between the zionists and the ultra-right Christians culminating in a stronger pro-israel lobby.
Judaism and zionism
A lecture by Rabbi Goldstein of the Neturei Karta (Jews against zionism) in which he gives a historic overview of zionism and the creation of the zionist state, explaining its incompatibility with Judaism.
USA, Israel and the UN World Conference Against Racism
(Durban, Sept 2001)
A lecture by Massoud Shadjareh of the IHRC in which he describes what happened at Durban and how the NGO conference managed to achieve its historic declaration condemning zionism as racism and Israel for genocide, resulting in a US/Israel walkout.

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